Reopening Holy Martyrs for Sunday Mass

As churches in the Cleveland Diocese prepare to re-open for Sunday Mass on May 30-31, the paramount concern is the health and well-being of our people. 

Most of the churches that have started to re-open around the country are finding that people are returning in smaller numbers, at least at first. This is similar to the pattern we see of people returning to stores, restaurants and, other public places. Churches are also limited to no more than 50% of normal occupancy.

We have posted an on-line survey for parishioners to let us know if they plan to come to church or not on May 30-31.  Based on the information we’re receiving:

We will have two weekend Masses, at 4:30 on Saturday and 9:30 on Sunday.

This will allow sufficient space for safe distancing as well as provide enough time to clean and disinfect the church before and after each liturgy.  We will increase the number of liturgies over time.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been dispensed for the time being, so you can either attend Mass in person or continue to pray with us at home through our live-streamed Mass on Sunday at 9:30.  If you are in one of the categories of higher risk because of age or pre-existing condition, or if you have very young children, you are encouraged to wait before re-joining us in person.

If you’re coming, remember that wearing a mask or facial covering is required for those attending public liturgies, including Sunday Mass, in our diocese.

SOME CHANGES TO OUR ROUTINE When you return to Mass, you will notice several changes to the normal way we celebrate Mass.  To prevent the spread of the virus there will be no singing, no Communion from the cup, Communion in the hand will be the norm, collection baskets will not be passed but placed near entrances and exits, there will be no Sign of Peace, and everyone should maintain a safe distance of six feet at all times— including when in line to receive Holy Communion.  You will also notice that, for the time being, the upholstered chairs in church have been replaced with our molded plastic chairs that are easier to disinfect.

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