About Us

Welcome to AMF-Bruns of America!

AMF-Bruns of America is a global market leader in the field of vehicle technology for wheelchair passengers. Our company expertly combines state-of-the-art technology with skills accumulated from nearly 60 years’ experience in the mobility industry. We manufacture wheelchair securement products, occupant restraint systems and associated equipment for the safe transportation of people in wheelchairs. Our product leadership and focus in providing safe, flexible and leading edge solutions for wheelchair passenger travel speak for itself. We have been credited with many industry firsts, including:

  • 1970: Develops first wheelchair safety systems and wheelchair anchoring system.
  • 1975: First to pass an anchorage system crash test.
  • 1977: First to pass a 20G dynamic crash test.
  • 1981: AMF-Bruns 4-point retractor system “Protektor” is the standard for the German Industry Norm DIN 75078
  • 1998: Makes first power knots, with integrated wheelchair lapbelt.
  • 2016: Launches Hide-A-Way - first securement system with restraints fully-integrated into floor.
  • 2017: Launches Easy Pull -- first fully-integrated winch and restraint system.
  • 2017: Launches eFutureSafe Head & Backrest / Seatbelt Anchorage.

AMF-Bruns of America is the only ISO Registered North American wheelchair and occupant securement manufacturer. Today we service customers in more than 50 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our state-of-the-art testing and research facility in Germany employs some of the industry’s brightest minds who are committed to taking the technology to the next level.

Our Mission

We offer safe, flexible and innovative wheelchair passenger transport solutions for manufacturers, distributors, dealers and users of all type of vehicles.

Core Values

Integrity, professional, service oriented, innovative.