Frequently Asked Questions

AMF-Bruns of America has been a global market leader in wheelchair and occupant securements for over 60 years. We manufacture wheelchair securement products, occupant restraint systems and associated equipment for the safe transportation of special-needs people. AMF-Bruns is the only ISO Registered North American wheelchair and occupant securement manufacturer. Today we service customers in over 50 countries throughout North & South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
AMF-Bruns introduced the first four-point system for wheelchairs and occupants in the 1970’s. We invented a wheelchair retractor system that is self-locking and self-tensioning to secure the wheelchair. AMF-Bruns was the first to pass an anchorage system crash test and 20G dynamic crash test.
Safety is key at AMF-Bruns. All production work is completed in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. We have a state-of-the-art, in-house, accredited, test center for research and approval tests. AMF-Bruns uses third-party independent testing facilities to provide unbiased testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting.
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All AMF-Bruns products meet international safety requirements and are supported by documentation. For more information go to: PRODUCT SAFETY AND TESTING

  • Steve Barker, Sales Manager, at 478-508-3933
  • Todd Hawks, Account Manager, at 574-606-8247.
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  • Platinum series restraints: 5 years
  • Silver series restraints: 3 years
  • Black series restraints: 3 years
  • Head & Backrests: 1 year
  • Ramps: 1 year
  • Smartseats, Smartlegs and Smartfloors: 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first after original sale)
  • Hide-A-Way: 1 year
  • EasyPull: 1 year
  • Steps: 1 year
  • Accessories: 1 year
All returns must be pre-approved by AMF-Bruns of America. They will issue a return authorization number and will accept any product within 30 days of receipt that is unused and considered new, with a restocking fee of 15%.
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AMF-Bruns’ Protektor System is a wheelchair and occupant restraints system stabilizing passengers in a collision. All three versions -- Platinum, Black and Silver – are single tensioning, have foot release levers and are available with J-hook, carabiner and loop.
AMF-Bruns’ Protektor System meets ISO, SAE, FMVSS, CMVSS, CSA, AS and ADA requirements. Our Platinum Series meet WC18 and WC19 requirements.
The PlatinumSeries can support loads up to 350 pounds.
The PlatinumSeries meets the latest WC18 and WC19 requirements.
EasyPull is AMF-Bruns’ innovative winch and restraint securement system. It pulls a wheelchair and passenger into a vehicle up a ramp. Attached to the front of the wheelchair, it effortlessly draws the wheelchair inside. Once in place, EasyPull’s restraint system secures the wheelchair to the vehicle.
AMF-Bruns’ EasyPull is easy to use and eliminates the need for a person to physically push and secure the front of a wheelchair. It’s automatic!
AMF-Bruns’ EasyPull uses a wireless remote control, offers automatic tensioning and is available in different speeds and lengths.
AMF-Bruns’ EasyPull is EMC Tested – which means it has electro-magnetic compatibility. EasyPull meets RESNA WC18, ISO 10542 and DIN 7500-2.
AMF-Bruns’ Hide-A-Way is the bus industry’s only securement system in which the restraints are fully-integrated into the floor -- freeing up valuable floor space and increasing passenger capacity. Passengers seats, which fold up, can be installed directly over the restraints.
AMF-Bruns’ Hide-A-Way accommodates both wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers.
AMF-Bruns’ Hide-A-Way’s retractors are self-locking and self- tensioning. The foot-activation features makes it easy to install and use.
AMF-Bruns’ Hide-A-Way meets ISO, SAE, FMVSS, CMVSS, CSA, AS and ADA requirements.
Head & Backrest Anchorage System
AMF-Bruns’ Head & Backrest anchorage system is available in two models: eFutureSafe, which is automatic; and FutureSafe, which is manual.
AMF-Bruns’ Head & Backrest anchorage system allows wheelchair passengers with upper extremity issues to travel safely. It also helps wheelchair drivers with upper extremity issues to drive again.
AMF-Bruns’ Head & Backrest anchorage system is installed in minivans or full-sized vans. The system turns inwards toward the vehicle wall when the vehicle is without a wheelchair. A single seat can easily be fitted to the empty position.
AMF-Bruns’ Head & Backrest anchorage system can withstand 15G rear and 20G frontal collisions. Crash and sled tests show the highest level of safety in a rear impact. It has an emergency release and meets all applicable regulations.
eFutureSafe is the automatic model of our Head & Backrest anchorage system. Being electrically powered, its hand-controlled adjustments feature provides customized head, back, and neck adjustments.
Smart Ramps
AMF-Bruns’ Smart Ramps are wheelchair ramps for minivans or full-size vans which make it easier to transport wheelchair passengers, speeding up entry and exiting considerably. They are available in different lengths and are made of lightweight, perforated, non-slip aluminum metal.
AMF-Bruns’ Smart Ramps are available as straight fold-up or swivel-mounted, are center-folding and can handle 1,100 pound loads.
AMF-Bruns’ Smart Ramps are 20G collision-tested and met ADA regulations for paratransit usage.
Channel Ramps
AMF-Bruns’ Channel Ramps are multiple, aluminum-made ramps positioned side-by-side on the edge of the vehicle door for side entry. The wheelchair rolls over the ramps into the vehicle. When not needed, they can be conveniently stored in the vehicle.
AMF-Bruns’ Channel Ramps are lightweight, foldable and 78.7” long with a 330 pound load-capacity.
AMF-Bruns’ Channel ramps meet ADA requirements.
AMF-Bruns’ Sidesteps are horizontal and attach to the side of a minivan or full-size van. They improve vehicle access for wheelchair passengers by making it easier for them to enter and exit the vehicle. Sidesteps help reduce injury and falls and are available in three versions: Electric, Manual and Rigid.
AMF-Bruns’ Sidesteps are steel-constructed, slip-resistant and weatherproof; and can support loads up to 330 pounds.
AMF-Bruns’ European-brand of passenger seats is called Smartseats, which continuously receive high ratings in design, comfort and materials. Smartseats provide extra comport and support with headrests and unlimited options.
AMF-Bruns’ Smartseats are compatible with AMF-Bruns restraint systems, Smartleg and Smartfloor products.
AMF-Bruns offers a variety of seat covers ranging from plain designs up to decorative seat covers. They are durable, easy to clean and meet the strictest fire protection and safety requirements.
AMF-Bruns’ Smartseats are certified according to the newest safety regulations: FMVSS / CMVSS and UN/ECE R14, R16 & R17.