Hide-A-Way Wheelchair Securement Systems

  • The Hide-A-Way Wheelchair Securement System is the bus industry’s only securement system with the restraints fully-integrated into the floor -- freeing up floor space and increasing passenger capacity.
  • Allows bus operators to mix and match passenger wheelchairs with non‑wheelchair seats.
  • Accommodates both wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers.
  • Lowest profile -- no obstructions.
  • Passengers seats, which fold up, can be installed directly over the restraints.
  • Maximizes floor space.
  • Fits transit, para-transit and mobility vehicles.
  • Foot-activated, making it easy to use. Eliminates guesswork.
  • Self-locking and self-tensioning retractors.

The Hide-A-Way Wheelchair Securement System meets the following requirements:

  • ISO 10542
  • SAE J2249
  • FMVSS 209, 210, 222, 302
  • CMVSS 209
  • CSA Z605
  • AS 2596
  • ADA
  • Part #: H5100

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