AMF-Bruns History

AMF-Bruns History
  • Gustav Bruns († 1993) founded the BRUNS KG in Apen. BRUNS KG initially constructed agricultural machinery, however, BRUNS KG soon started to focus on other industry sectors. His son Erich joined in 1951.

  • BRUNS KG developed industrial conveyor plants. The business sector Hubmatik was founded at the beginning of the 1970s. The Hubmatik sector was managed and shaped by Manfred Feldhoff († 2002).

  • First wheelchair safety systems by AMF-Bruns, back then with bayonet closing. The first statics tests are carried out.

  • The subsidiary in Friesoythe opens.

  • AMF-Bruns invents the world’s first 4-point retractor wheelchair anchoring system. First dynamic crash tests with TU Berlin show the high degree of safety in comparison to other systems.

  • Crash tests with Volkswagen. The AMF-Bruns anchoring system "Protector" passes first tests with 20G and becomes the standard in Germany.

  • AMF-Bruns 4-point passenger and wheelchair anchoring system "Protector" is included as standard into the first DIN 75078.

  • CAD is introduced to optimise the design production processes. Third generation grandsons Jurgen (1992) and Gerit (1995) join the company.

  • AMF-Bruns makes first power knots. Tests with BAST (German Federal Highway Research Institute) show safety improvement in accidents.

  • A consistent ERP-system is introduced and the subsidiary AMF-BRUNS UK Ltd. is founded in England.

  • AMF-Bruns takes over the Dutch company Smartfloor B.

  • Expansion of the parent plant in Apen, new construction of a vehicle refitting hall.

  • With "FutureSafe", AMF-Bruns develops and patents the first flexible head and back rest for cars with integrated diagonal belt.

  • Construction of an in-house calibrated pull-test-plant with 6 cylinders.

  • The "lean production" is introduced with KVP (continuous improvement process), which means that the lifts and vehicles are produced in one "line".

  • New construction and expansion of the Hubmatik sector office building.

    In August 2012 the Gustav Bruns GmbH & Co. KG is renamed to AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG, and is therefore in line with how our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners already

  • Opens U.S. manufacturing / distribution facility.

  • Introduced the WC18 approved Protektor Platinum Series retractor and the Hide-A-Way Wheelchair Securement System.

  • Launched eFutureSafe Head & Backrest / Seat Anchorage - which allows wheelchair passengers with upper extremity pain & discomfort to travel.

AMF-Bruns History

AMF-Bruns History