Hope In Times Of Crisis

This unprecedented time has been unsettling, difficult, and painful for many. We don’t quite know where this will lead or how it will change how we live our lives.

So, what can we take away from all that has happened in the past few months? How do we navigate the uncharted waters that we will face in the coming weeks, months, and perhaps years? As we are moving through this experience together, what we know as people of faith is that Jesus has prepared for us a place of peace and calm and safety.

Join us for a special 5-week CONNECT Group series titled “Hope in Times of Crisis” to reflect on the deeper questions that the global pandemic and the current national crisis have brought to light. We are offering two times to participate in this series and they are listed below. Please use this form to register so we can send you a Zoom invitation.

We are also open to offering a tailored version of this series just for those employed in health care. This has been a very challenging time for health care workers and having an opportunity to process the experience through the lens of faith and spirituality may be healing. If you are a health care worker and have an interest in a special group just for you and others like you, please note your interest and availability below and we will contact you.

The series will begin the week of July 20, 2020.

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