SmartFloor has been Europe’s #1 floor system since 1999!

SmartFloor Aluminium System Floor (patented)

The AMF-Bruns of America’s SmartFloor is an aluminum extruded floor system with integrated slotted tracks which are installed into the vehicle. It turns a mini-van or bus with an empty passenger area into an individual vehicle with countless variations for seating and positioning of wheelchair(s) in no time at all.

The SmartFloor complies with the requirements of ADA, FMVSS and 76/115 EWG for M1-tested seats of any make. It is pull-tested to meet vigorous North American standards. From a safety perspective, the SmartFloor, in connection with the AMF-Bruns Protektor® System, easily passes the ISO 10542 standard. The SmartFloor is planned individually and allows unlimited flexibility when arranging individual seats as well as wheelchairs.

Smartfloor Seating Variations

The SmartFloor offers a variety of options to accommodate both wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers. Seating variations depend on the vehicle type as well as the length of the vehicle, i.e. short, medium or long wheelbase. Please ask us what is possible for your dream vehicle.

SmartFloor Profiles

Smartfloor Individual Seats (M1 Seats)

As the mobility industry’s top one-stop shop, AMF-Bruns of America provides its very own European brand of passenger seats. Our M1-tested seats are highly rated in design, comfort and materials, and are certified according to the newest safety regulations: FMVSS, UN/ECE R14, 16 and 17. AMF-Bruns seats are compatible with its restraint systems, SmartLeg and SmartFloor products. SmartSeats provide extra comfort and support with headrest and unlimited options, i.e. extra-large size, fabrics, child seats, etc. The seat also has a contoured headrest.

Note: M1 Seats can only be used in combination with the SmartFloor system floor.

Additionally, we offer a variety of seat covers – ranging from plain designs to decorative seat covers. Anything is possible! Our seat covers are durable, easy to clean and meet the strictest fire protection and safety requirements.

AMF-Bruns iPad app for Smartfloor Floor System

The correct design of a passenger and wheelchair vehicle is always the outcome of a consultation between convertors, dealers and end consumers. In order to facilitate these consultations in a customer-friendly manner, Smartfloor developed an iPad app for Smartfloor floor systems. This free app shows how to organize the various types of Smartseats, wheelchairs and Euroramps on the floor of a vehicle. The iPad app offers you the possibility to design your own floor plan and meet the requirements of your customers. Once all involved parties agree on the suitable floor plan, the design can be sent directly to Smartfloor.
Additional advantages
The iPad app offers additional advantages. For example, it reduces the number of licenses required for expensive technical drawing programs. Summarized, the iPad app offers a unique easy-to-use design facility, delivering the best possible service for converters and dealers.
Download your free iPad app now!
So download the free universal app and start designing your own vehicle lay-out on your iPad. Easily view the vehicle lay-out as designed by yourself with top, side and front views. And simply forward your designed lay-outs by e-mail to Smartfloor. The AMF-Bruns Smartfloor app is available in the Apple App Store.

  • Floor plan editor shows wheelchairs, seats and other components applicable for the selected area.
  • Support for Future Safe, Child wheelchair and Electrical/Oversized wheelchair.
  • If applicable, a seat can be placed over a wheel arch area (seat legs will adjust automatically).
  • If applicable, support for airbag zones for the selected vehicle.
  • iOS 8 compatible.