Small Groups



CONNECT Small Groups began as a ministry at Holy Martyrs in Fall, 2016 to intentionally make our large church small and personal. The purpose is to further develop our relationships with God and with those in our Holy Martyrs community. Gatherings are held every day of the week, some in homes and others at Holy Martyrs. Groups meet for 90 minutes and review the Sunday Gospel, then discuss a message relevant to members’ daily lives. Members are encouraged to attend the weekly gatherings and to pray for one another. Typically, there are 5-10 members in each group.

CONNECT is a perfect follow-up to Discovering Christ, as well as a great entry point for adults seeking to grow spiritually and connect with other parishioners. One of the Core Values of Connect is to be welcoming of new participants. Please take that next step and join a CONNECT group.

The goal of CONNECT Small Groups is to create insightful, relevant content that can be put to use in your personal faith journey. If you are a practicing Catholic — or aspire to be — then you are encouraged to join one of our Small Groups.

CONNECT Small Groups offer extraordinary opportunities to explore spirituality, and in small communities within our larger community, offer opportunities to listen to and encourage one another. The atmosphere is prayerful, respectful and confidential. CLICK HERE to sign up.



“My prayer life is growing. I am learning much about the Word of God and growing closer to Him. And friendships! We’ve met wonderful people in our small groups.”

 “There are so many fruits, it’s hard to enumerate them all! Here are some: new friends, talking about something important, learning new angles to look at things, relief from stress, special Eucharistic moment, and very valuable sharing about difficult times.”

“Our Small Group discussions of the Sunday Gospel were very helpful in illuminating Scripture as we discussed different aspects and the words that Jesus spoke.”

“Praying together was extremely valuable! It is an area in which I’m continuing to grow, and it helped to pray different ways, as well as to learn from experienced prayer warriors. Prayer is powerful!”


For more information about Holy Martyrs Connect groups, please contact us at 330-722-6633.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20