Music Ministry

Choir Ministry and Solo Instrument Ministry

Our Choir is open to anyone from Freshman in high school through…whatever you’d like!

Choir Ministry is a great way to draw closer to Christ, closer to other brothers and sisters in this community, and closer to the Mass as we spend time during every rehearsal discussing the scriptures and themes of the upcoming Sundays. Here are some bullet points for busy people:

  • Rehearsals are Wednesday nights in the church from 7:15pm-9:00pm
  • We sing on Sundays at the 9:30am mass
  • We also sing for Christmas Eve, Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday, and Confirmation
  • Not everyone can make it for every rehearsal and every Sunday. We do our best to be there the majority of the time while realizing that life happens and schedule conflicts occur.
  • We support the congregational singing throughout the mass, and we also sing an anthem. If you’re a young parent with little ones in tow, you can choose to sit with your family and simply come over to join us for the anthem if that works out best for your family.
  • Our 2019-2020 season begins with a picnic in the church gazebo on Saturday August 24 from 1pm-4pm. Our first rehearsal is Wednesday night September 4 at 7:15pm.

Please feel free to contact me (Music Director, Chris ILG) anytime at

Solo Instrument Ministry

We have musical arrangements for solo instruments (typical are trumpet, flute, clarinet, or violin) for Mass music. If you feel you have the skill level at an instrument to receive music digitally, practice it on your own, and show up at the mass of your choice to help accompany the congregation with your music, please let me know (Music Director, Chris ILG) at