What About the Dying?

If the sacrament of Anointing is for those who are sick, what about the dying?

The teaching of the Church is that the proper sacrament for the dying is the Eucharist.

When the Eucharist is received at the time of passage from this life it is called Viaticum, which means “accompanying us on the way.” The Eucharist is the fullest sign of our participation in the passion, death and resurrection of Christ and is the most fitting sacrament for those in their final passage of life.

While the Anointing of the Sick is for those suffering from illness or infirmity, the sacrament for the dying is the Eucharist.


 The pastoral care of the sick and the dying is important to all of us.

Please let us know as early as possible so we may visit your loved ones and bring them the consolation of the Church and its sacraments throughout the time of illness and to help them in their final passage to the Lord.

 Call the church office at 330.722.6633.