Infant Baptism

The baptism of a child is a defining moment in the life of every family and of the church. It touches the roots of our own faith, reminds us of our responsibility to share that faith through the way we live, and encourages us to nurture in our children a new generation of faith

Those seeking baptism for members of their family, ages newborn through seven years, have a special process involving parents, godparents, and families.

Families should be registered at Holy Martyrs. For information about registering at Holy Martyrs, click HERE.

Families must complete a baptism preparation program. Please click the date below to register and then contact our office at 330-722-6633 to schedule the date of the baptism.

January 29, 2023 @ 1:30 pm

Other Baptism Preparation Dates in 2023: April 23, July 16, October 22


The choice of godparents is one of the most important decisions parents make at the time of baptism. Being a godparent is not simply a social role. The godparent represents the whole Christian community in a child’s life.

Every child deserves godparents who can provide the best possible example of living the Christian life. For Catholic godparents, this means regularly attending Mass, receiving the sacraments and living the kind of virtuous life that will inspire and encourage a young person.

Find the requirements for being a godparent by clicking HERE.