HM Cares Ministry

The cornerstone of every great parish is its care for those in need.  Since our founding, Holy Martyrs has been committed to the care of the poor.  Over the years, the people of our parish have demonstrated their generosity and support of this important work.  Over time, even as programs and people have changed, our commitment to the poor has never wavered. 

To remain effective, every ministry needs to adapt and grow to meet changing needs and circumstances.  That is true of everything we do at Holy Martyrs, including our care of the poor. 

We have seen firsthand how events like the Coronavirus and the recent economic downturn have presented new challenges to families, businesses and communities. It has had a devastating impact on the poor. It has made clear that the needs of the poor are changing and that the old way of doing things needs to change as well.  

A group made up of pastoral staff and parishioners has been meeting to consider how our parish might more effectively care for the disadvantaged in our area. They’ve consulted with county and regional groups, agencies, and volunteer programs, And because our mission is Catholic, they’ve met with Catholic Charities and other Catholic parishes committed to ministering to the poor.

The result is a change in how we will serve the needy.  What remains unchanged is Holy Martyrs’ commitment to the poor, providing food and financial help, and special projects like the Thanksgiving Turkey Run and Give-A-Gift at Christmas. What will change is the way we go about it, with a new structure, ideas and focus.

Our new ministry has a new name, “Holy Martyrs Cares….“Cares” because caring for those in need is the mission of the Church.  And our parish name, “Holy Martyrs” to remind us that this is not the work of one group but a commitment by our whole parish. Already, Holy Martyrs Cares is attracting new people and fresh voices who are bringing energy and innovative ideas to this important work.  Those who have been involved in our Ministry of Assistance and other parish efforts in the past have been encouraged to continue to share their talents in Holy Martyrs Cares.  Together as a parish let us rededicate ourselves to this great work.

The most important part of any parish outreach is the commitment each of us makes to support this vital work.  Everything we do for the poor is only possible because of the generosity of our people.

Please continue to support this important work by your prayers and financial gifts.As God has blessed us, let us be a blessing for those who are in need.