Life Teen at Holy Martyrs



High School youth group at Holy Martyrs

Life Teen is a Catholic youth ministry with the mission of leading all teens closer to Christ through the celebration of the Eucharist, the teachings of Christ and His Church, and through the experience of being loved and accepted.

Life Teen meets on Sunday evenings starting with the 5pm Mass until 8pm. Life Teen welcomes all high school students to an energetic, fun and prayerful environment where they can grow in relationship with their peers and with God.

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What’s Next?


“Belong” is a Life Night Series on Isolation. At some point in life, we all experience loneliness and/or isolation. There are many factors in our lives that cause us to experience the pain of loneliness. Belong addresses the importance of moving from isolation to solitude as well as our need for acceptance and community, which can be found and fostered in the Catholic Faith.

CLE 21:6 Youth Conference

Holy Martyrs Life Teen is going to CLE 21:6 on Saturday January 7th! CLE 21:6 is a Cleveland Youth Conference for high school youth groups to come together in faith and fellowship. There will be inspiring talks, uplifting music, time for games and activities, and more!

Registration will open soon – watch instagram and your emails for details!